Connecting your Blaze

Blaze bud Integrations

Thank you for preparing to connect your store in Blaze with We are excited to drive traffic and sales to your dispensary.

These are the steps to get access to your store on Blaze:


You generate a production API key for your dispensary in Blaze, by following the below instructions, and then send the Key and the Secret to tech@bud.comĀ 


We give you a unique code for your dispensary


You contact to request a software integration seat for tech+[your code]


Our team sets up catalog synchronization, reviews a few settings in your Blaze, and configures Webhooks for sharing order status updates between our system

Once those steps are complete we test some orders placed on showing up in your Blaze fulfillment process and reporting. Orders from are tagged with a Marketing Source of so they show up in the Marketing Report in the Reports section of Blaze.

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